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About is an alternative to e-mail. Only humans can send messages, so there is no spam (since spam relies on high-speed computer programs to spread). Also, there are no anti-spam filters, because they are not necessary.

The problem

Email is unreliable. Not because you have to spend valuable time reading spam, it's worse:

1. You can never be sure your email will be delivered due to "false positives" of the recipient's spam filters* and

2. You can never be sure important emails reach your mailbox, due to "false positives" in your spam filters.

Email is not reliable any more. It can't be. And will never be.

*See Spam case study

The solution

Computers, which are responsible for 99% of spam, can't autmatically send messages on Only humans can, which means there is no spam problem on this service (CAPTCHA is automatically activated for users who send more messages than on average).

No more spam, no more undelivered emails, no more valid emails filtered out by your spam filter - no more emails!

After registering you will get your own contact address, for example: (visit), which you can use instead of your e-mail address every time you want somebody to contact you. You can put it on your website, your business card etc. Register now to see how it works. It's free.

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